Mozzart Bet: Registration, Login, And Mobile App Review

| 03.11.2020
Mozzart Bet: Registration, Login, And Mobile App Review

Mozzart Bet: Registration, Login, And Mobile App Review

Sports betting is a big market in Kenya, with an abundance of bookmakers and prediction websites for punters to choose from. In this article, we take a look at Mozzart bet, its login and registration requirements, as well as a review of its mobile app.

Mozzart bet is a modern sportsbook operating in Kenya under license from the Betting Control and License Board of Kenya. The website, like most of its contemporaries, offers a hybrid platform. Not only are customers treated to a wide of sports betting activities, but they can also wager on virtual sports, live games, and lotteries. In addition to a useful website, Mozzart bet also features well equipped physical betting outlets to meet the demands of its offline customers.

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How To Create A Mozzart Bet Account

As mentioned earlier, mozzart bet is a hybrid sports betting platform. This is evident in the many options available to new customers who desire to create or register a new account. Mozzart bet allows you to open new accounts at their betting shops, online and via SMS. This makes it easy for users who are not familiar with the internet's workings to open and operate an account without stress.

Mozzart Bet registration screenshot

To register via SMS, all a punter has to do is send ‘WIN’ 29990. A detailed response containing the account details, verification code, and mozzart bet login information is then sent to the bettor’s number. Registering online is just as seamless. The user is only required to fill a registration form, including personal details like a phone number. Upon submission, an SMS containing the activation code is sent to the registered phone number to finish up the registration and activate the account.

Whether registering online or via SMS, users are required to be at least 18 years old. It’s also advisable to read the terms and conditions on the Mozzart bet website before registration. This helps the bettor understand the rights and obligations of each party and the available promos and welcome offers.

mozzart Bet homepage screenshot

How To Deposit Into Your Mozzart Bet Account

Depositing into your mozzart bet account is a pretty straightforward process. Like with most sports betting websites worldwide, Mozzart bet offers multiple deposit options to its customers. Mozzart bet customers can make deposits into their betting accounts through their website or via M-PESA. To make it even easier for you, we’ve outlined a step-by-step process below for both deposit options.

How To Deposit Through The Mozzart Bet Website

Online deposits can be made on the website by entering your mozzart bet login details and selecting ‘account.’ After doing that, the next step is to click on the ‘deposit’ option. In the following menu, you should click on the ‘M-PESA cash deposit.’ After entering the amount you want to pay into your mozzart bet account, you may click ‘deposit.’

An M-PESA menu will pop up on your screen, asking you to confirm the transaction by inputting your M-PESA pin. Once this is done, the inputted amount will be credited to your mozzart bet account.

Making Deposits Via SMS

One of the innovative steps that keep Mozzart bet top on the bookmakers’ list in Kenya is the opportunity to fund your betting accounts without an internet connection or visiting a betting shop. Users can make deposits through the ‘pay bills’ section in their phone’s M-PESA menu. This action requires you to enter a business number. The Mozzart bet business number is 290059. 

You’ll also be asked to enter an account number, to which you should respond ‘Mozzartbet.’ You’re then required to enter the amount of money you wish to deposit as well as your M-PESA pin. A notification prompt will be sent to you to verify the transaction details to give you a chance of canceling the transaction if any errors have been made. Once the transaction is confirmed, you’ll receive a mozzart bet deposit notification.

Regardless of what deposit option a user chooses, funding your mozzart bet account is free of charge. It should be noted that cash deposits can also be made at betting shops near you with your mozzart bet login details.

How Do I Withdraw From Mozzart Bet?

Withdrawing from mozzart bet is very safe and secure. In a similar vein to the deposits, users are treated to free withdrawals at any Mozzart bet shop around them. This service is also issued through M-PESA. Users can initiate a withdrawal request via SMS through M-PESA by dialing R#(AMOUNT TO WITHDRAW)#(PREFERRED SHOP)#Mozzartbet pin

For instance, a user who wants to withdraw Kh3000 may dial R#3000#2002#1500 WITH ‘2002’ being the code for his preferred betting shop and ‘1500’ as pin code. Upon the dial, the user will be sent a unique code, which must be presented at the betting shop to complete the withdrawal process.

Does MozzartBet Have A Mobile Application?

In this digital age, the major concern in delivering quality service is accessibility. Betting platforms such as Mozzartbet are aware of this, and that is why they try to bring the betting world to you through mobile betting applications. The mozzart bet mobile application is available for download via the website. Thus, you can have a seamless betting experience even without access to a computer. 

mozzart Bet Application

However, this application is only available on Android smartphones. This is because it requires the download and installation of an apk file. While this is possible on android devices, iOS devices can only install applications from the app store. What this means is that those iPhone users are unable to use the app. Aside from this, withdrawals can only be made at betting shops whether you placed a bet via the application.


In conclusion, mozzart bet has helped break the internet barrier, which most sports betting websites fall prey to. As long as they have their mozzart bet login, users can make deposits and withdrawal requests via SMS. They can also place bets, change passwords, among others. This has been done to reduce the requirement of internet access in placing bets on your favorite sports.

However, the gains made through SMS innovations seem to be obliterated in two primary ways. The sportsbook only permits withdrawals to be made at designated mozzart bet shops close to the punter even though withdrawal requests are made through mobile phones. Second, the mobile application isn’t available on all platforms and is entirely redundant as bets are already being placed offline and can only be redeemed at betting shops. 

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