Best Computer Football Predictions For Today

| 26.10.2020
Best Computer Football Predictions For Today

Best Computer Football Predictions For Today

Football predictions are essential to both bookies and punters alike. While it’s relatively easy and straightforward to guess why a punter or bettor would require football predictions, such is not the case for the bookies. A punter may consult football prediction websites to increase his chances of winning or getting the best odds.

On the other hand, the bookies usually use football predictions to determine the odd for each event. Have you ever wondered why different bookies may have similar odds on multiple games? It’s more than just coincidence; these sites have their football prediction tools, which help them get a realistic view of each event's chances. It must be overwhelming to calculate the probability of each possible event, isn’t it? Absolutely!

The time and effort required in developing odds that are a true reflection of each event’s probability are what brings us to today’s topic titled Computer Football Predictions. This article explains the concept of Computer Football Predictions, its usefulness to punters and bookies alike. As well as the differences between computer-generated predictions and those made by human football experts. So sit back and relax as we take you on a tour of the football prediction world.

computer football prediction

What Are Computer Football Predictions?

As the name rightly suggests, computer football predictions are football predictions generated or calculated through computer algorithms. Due to the vast amount of data needed to effectively analyze the probability of varying events or outcomes associated with each game, it became necessary to develop an algorithm that analyses the data and gives an accurate view of events all the time-saving bookies and would-be punters valuable time. This is the essence of computer-generated predictions. 

Although usually identifiable with bookies and the setting of odds for various events, computer algorithms are now being used by football prediction websites in a quest to reduce the human margin for error and the overall accuracy of tips available on their website. In addition to this, using computer algorithms to analyze football fixtures saves time. It allows football prediction websites to provide betting tips on a large number of games.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Computer Football Predictions?

As earlier mentioned, computer football predictions offer immense benefits to their users, whether they are punters or bookies. This section looks at some of the advantages of using computer algorithms in analyzing football predictions.

  1. Analyzing a football game isn’t an easy task. This is because lots of background data and statistics need to be considered when selecting an event to bank on. Computer algorithms have now made this task more manageable as you can now sift through the different head to head stats, expected goals per game, past meetings, player injuries, and other relevant statistics from your favored football prediction site, provided they make use of computer analysis when picking their games.
  2. Using computer algorithms either as a punter or a bookie helps you save valuable time as, rather than having to sort through each game played or head to head statistic, you can have the results within seconds. It also helps you to do away with manual calculations of probability, all of which eat into the time you may want to spend doing other things.
  3. Computer football predictions reduce the human margin for error as the games are carefully analyzed without any sentiment or sympathy towards a particular team. Try as we may be objective. We all have our favorite football teams, which may get in the way when analyzing a future football match involving one of those teams.
  4. Because they are based on mathematical calculations and available data, computer football predictions increase the accuracy of each prediction.

computer football prediction

Differences Between Computer Football Predictions And Expert Picks

The major attribute that separates computer football predictions and expert picks are the methods of the prediction. While computer football predictions result from a mathematical calculation of probabilities involving massive team data sets, expert selections are usually made from footballing knowledge, experience, and opinion of the particular expert involved. While the latter may not be wrong, there is always the margin for error because the prediction is not being made from a careful analysis of data and is subject to the expert's leanings involved.

Another important difference between these two sets of football predictions is that computer football predictions often possess a higher accuracy than expert picks. This is due to the data analysis amount that goes through the algorithm in processing a computer-generated prediction. Some of these data sets may not be available to an ‘expert’ unless he has taken the time and effort to carefully study them.

Although computer-generated predictions are usually more accurate, it’s important to note that there is no foolproof process of predicting future football games as many things are outside the control of the punter and the football prediction site. As a result, punters should endeavor to gamble responsibly and only with amounts they can afford to lose to forestall bankruptcy or depression.


It’s advisable to always use computer-generated football predictions, particularly if you’re a punter with ambition. This is because it offers you a scientific analysis and saves you considerable time and energy, as well as the possibility of being overwhelmed by analyzing many sets of data by yourself. Every punter should avail themselves of football prediction sites that offer computer football predictions to boost their winning chances.

At Kenyatips, all of our predictions are not only free but also computer-generated. This means that we’re able to offer you the best football predictions and tips across many leagues and countries without charging you a dime for it. So why go through the stress of analyzing games yourself when we already do that for you, and for free too! Just in case you were doubting, you can check out the success rate of our tips as well as the percentage probability of future picks on our predictions page.

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