OdiBets Review: Best Way to Maximize Your Odds on Kenya Best Online Bookmaker

| 21.10.2020
OdiBets Review: Best Way to Maximize Your Odds on Kenya Best Online Bookmaker

A fair share of individuals believes that many bookmakers take a risk-averse standing and have strategized to spread the risk over to its end users. Many bookmakers’ odds have a more reflective mode of what angle they anticipate will give a better win in any specific contest. Although bookmakers offer a predictive indication on which the winner in any given contest may be, under no circumstances will the suggestion be a kind of campaign towards the competitors. 

At OdiBets, we cater to all sports bettors cutting across various skill levels. Whether you are a newbie or a legend in sports, it doesn’t matter. Our level of expertise is of high quality and simplified. Our focal point is to make sure that we offer you the best value for your money. Our odds are written in simple language to digest, understand, and use by any particular punter. 

Betting relies heavily on probabilities and artificial intelligence, relying heavily on personal intuition and decision-making processes. However, many punters face a diverse range of challenges from bookmarkers emanating from jargon, which could hardly ring a bell, especially to the entrants.

The recent development in online betting sites has increased the chances of generating almost perfect outcomes, which has pushed many punters to predict future results with no much hustle. Nevertheless, the concept remains that all the predictions depend entirely on the outcome of live matches, which has a high chance of going against the odds bringing up a 50/50 chance of the result.


Just like any other bookmakers, OdiBets offers 100% free bets and cash back if you lose your first bet of the day. It is the best online betting site in Kenya and lives by its slogan, “be extraordinary.” For new customers, OdiBets offers free bet worth Kes 30. The free bet can be used to put a stake for the first bet. If you win, you will get to keep the winnings while the site retains its stake, if you lose the bet, OdiBets will absorb the bet's cost, creating a win-win situation for both players. To redeem your free bet, follow the instructions below;

OdiBets Freebet Tips

Perusing several bookmakers sites,’ you will note a thick load of information at the display for its punters on most of its site. On the contrary, the OdiBets site is simplified to provide clarity and preciseness and is direct to the point. All the tips to guide you on deciding the way forward and the probability measures are often on the check to give you a clear overview. Besides, its home page offers you a clear perspective of which teams are playing and the live match's scheduled time, as shown below.

Odibet screenshot

What to Expect At OdiBets;

Unlike other bookmakers whose focal point is on the European leagues only, the OdiBets site cuts across different sports geeks, giving you a leeway to bet on a variety of sports you may be interested in. You can easily bet on various popular sports; football, basketball, hockey, tennis, boxing, volleyball, and handball, to mention a few. The aspect, therefore, attracts much traffic to its site of people interested in different sports betting. Just like any other betting sites, OdiBets has its’ own fair shares of pros and cons. You can easily send a withdrawal request at any point, and the withdrawal process happens instantly. Moreover, the cash-out feature helps punters make partial cash out on a losing or winning bet if you feel indecisive about the remaining matches' outcome.

OdiBets app consumes little bundles and saves space on your phone. This simplifies the aspect of betting on an online platform. Moreover, OdiBets allows cash deposits into your account via two main ways. For instance, if you used Kes 100 to place a bet and lost the bet, half of the amount used to place the bet is refunded.

See below the range of sports games you can place your bet on

OdiBet screenshot

OdiBet screenshot

How to Bet Using OdiBets has a similar close pattern with other bookmakers. It analyses the games using the mathematical algorithm to predict and calculate the percentage chances of winning different matches. Although little is revealed on the formulation used to get the result, what is known is that most of the outcome follows the probability distribution pattern. Besides revealing the anticipated results, the site also provides tips on the odds based on historical match analysis and the game's real outcome.

At, you will be able to view the live matches’ line-up (time, date, and venue) therefore having first-hand info on which team is playing against the other and whether it’s a home or away match for the anticipated winning team. 

OdiBet screenshot

The above screenshot shows an anticipated live match between FC Den Bosch and Helmond Sport. The soccer match is under the Netherlands schedules to kick off exactly at 21.00 hrs on 12th October 2020. The prediction on the outcome is three spheres. It may end up on either the home team winning, draw from both ends, and perhaps the away team winning. All the above predictions are denoted as 1, X, 2, respectively. The odds have also been displayed on the expected outcome to give you the weight of how much you can make if the team wins. For instance, if FC Den Bosch wins, chances are whatever amount you might have placed will be multiplied by 1.98; if the team draws chances, you will get 4.00 times your placed bet for the match away team wins, 3.60 will be your odds. You can as well bet on a double chance, which increases your probability of winning.

Either way, OdiBets offers all punters equal chances of winning on its platform and additional tips on how the team's historical performance has been. All the guides help give you an overview of how they arrived at the last outcome prediction. But bottom-line relies heavily on personal intuition and artificial intelligence and the outcome of the live game.

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