Cheza254 - How To Get Football Predictions From Them Today

| 09.09.2020
Cheza254 - How To Get Football Predictions From Them Today

The first steps to placing successful bets are making informed decisions and picking the best odds. There is no better way to do these than to make use of accurate football prediction websites. These sites take away the stress of compiling match statistics to arrive at the most probable outcome. They also help you to save time as they give already calculated football predictions and odds based on available data such as team form, points per game, player injuries, and head to head statistics.

It’s no surprise that punters and bettors are always on the lookout for reliable football prediction sites in light of the above. One of those sites is Cheza254. This article looks at Cheza254, it’s functionality, and the methods through which you can access their football predictions. If you’re a football bettor who’s been on the lookout for Cheza254 and their football predictions, stay glued as we’ve got something exciting for you.

Does Cheza254 Still Work?

Cheza254 has garnered quite a reputation in the betting world as they are part of many punters' success story. However, despite the huge reputation and help they’ve rendered to sports fans and bettors, the football prediction site seems to have pulled out from the market. Although searches for the Cheza254 are still very common, nothing tangible comes up in the search results, save for a Facebook group.


This has led football punters to query the existence of Cheza254 and whether the football prediction site is still in business. Going through the Facebook group’s page, you can’t help but notice that it redirects ( The uncertainty caused by this is to the effect that we’re unsure, just as much as you, whether there was a change in the domain name or Cheza254, is no more. Nevertheless, the new site has its own football predictions but not under the name of Cheza254.

The new site also has subscription packages of various amounts that offer a fixed amount of football prediction tips daily or monthly, depending on the user's selection. You can also take advantage of the free football prediction tips on the web page's top hand side. It should be noted that this website makes no mention of being affiliated to Cheza254 and should not be taken to be a subsidiary or part of the Cheza254 franchise.

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Can I Still Access Cheza254 Football Predictions?

We understand that making changes can be really hard, particularly when a formula or football prediction site has positively impacted your betting success. Thus, we undertook the pain of finding out how to gain access to Cheza254 football predictions despite the website's unavailability.

Due to the change in the domain name and the Cheza254 website's unavailability, gaining access to their odds isn’t as easy as it used to be. To access the football predictions offered by Cheza254, you’d need to create a Sokasmart account and pay a registration fee depending on the frequency and type of football prediction provides you want.

First, the registration is only accessible via the M-PESA menu of your Safaricom phone. After clicking on the menu, you enter the Till Number (5160391), then select the number that corresponds with your desired package. For instance, 350 gives you a week’s access to football predictions and tips. After this selection, you’ll be required to make a payment to complete your registration.

While all of these seem pretty straightforward, it may be inconvenient if Safaricom or M-PESA is unavailable in your residence country. Similarly, the algorithm process used by Sokasmart is subject to recommendations made by fanatical football experts, which run the chance of ruining the progress made through the mathematical calculations of the AI algorithm.

Where Can I Find Accurate Football Predictions?

This is a question that pops up in the minds of every football punter or bettor. For some, the thoughts only come around after a couple of consecutive betting losses. In contrast, others make the decision earlier on in their betting career. For the former, straight losses may make them susceptible to scams and influence decisions to pay for fixed matches. However, the learning curve need not be that steep at all. At Kenya Predictions, we believe football predictions should be free and accessible to all. Our football prediction site is dedicated to helping you best the bookies while having fun at it. Also, we don’t believe in or partake in fixed matches. Not only are they scams, but also illegal.

Our football predictions are arrived at through mathematical calculations and team data aggregation and match statistics through a computer algorithm. Handling huge amounts of data, and calculating the probability of each possible outcome can be overwhelming. As such, we hand the determination of our predictions to an AI algorithm with a proven record of 80% success. Our football predictions are also provided free of charge with information and the best odds from various bookmakers on the market. Cutting across all the major football leagues in Europe and beyond, you can access trusted and well-calculated picks that give you the best shot at beating the bookmakers.


In conclusion, making good use of reliable football prediction websites could be the difference between a successful football betting experience and a poor run of betting results. The fate of your betting slips should not depend on whether or not a particular football prediction site works. Your money deserves a better level of risk management that only reliable football prediction sites can provide, and so do you.

Thus, it’s essential to make use of a good football prediction site like Kenya Predictions to aid you in your quest to beat the bookmakers. Rather than place bets on emotions or uncertain feelings, your betting picks should follow well thought out and informed decisions based on team data statistics and analysis that our AI-generated predictions offer you.

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