Football Platform VS Soccer Platform: Are These The Same Websites?

| 25.08.2020
Football Platform VS Soccer Platform: Are These The Same Websites?

Football Platform VS Soccer Platform: Are These The Same Websites?

Football platform and Soccer platform are both football prediction websites that seek to help punters in their aim of besting the bookies. Both platforms have free football picks and paid selections. However, the latter is only available to paying members in various categories like ‘strong picks’, ‘VIP picks’, ‘correct score’, amongst others. One major question that has bothered football bettors is whether these two sites have more in common than the football prediction packages that they offer. This article considers these thoughts and gives a review of the football platform prediction site to decide if they’re worth your subscription.

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football platform

A cursory look at the Football Platform’s website shows undeniable similarity with that of the Soccer Platform. With the same backdrop, subsets, and tabs. A registration attempt on both sites returns the same membership form for both users. In addition to the above, you’ll find that the Football Platform website is founded in 2013 and credited to Soccer Platform, while the latter is a year older. A quick check of the ‘success archives’ feature on the two sites shows exact copies of the same coupons and similar dates. The similarity of both sites isn’t up for contention. The free prediction picks offered are also similar and follow the same arrangements and probability.

soccer platform

As proved by the bottom section of the football platform’s webpage, it’s evident that it’s owned by soccer platform and safe to say that they are the same. Although created before the football platform, both football prediction websites are owned by the same company. They are just meant to reach a wider audience, meaning that there is no difference between them. Having a football platform membership offers you the same benefits and access to football predictions and odds as an equivalent soccer platform membership account.

A Review Of

Having established that both websites are owned by the same company and offer the same services, it’s only necessary to conduct a review of one of the sites. This is because they contain the same offers and arrive at their football picks through a similar approach.

Football platform offers prediction and game analysis across various football leagues across the globe and uses credible statistics like team form and past meetings to arrive at the best picks. In a bid to offer transparency and help punters reach a winning outcome, the site shows a percentage of each pick generated by mathematical algorithms. The most important feature of a good football prediction website is that it uses verifiable data to arrive at its expert picks as opposed to guesswork.

A prediction site whose picks are based on emotions and guesswork offers no use or benefits to punters and, as such, is rightfully avoided. Punters want to know how the predictions are arrived at, as well as its reliability and accuracy.

How Footballplatform Works

Football platform operates by calculating the percentage probability for each possible outcome of any given match or event. For instance, the probabilities for home or away wins and a draw are first calculated. Once the calculations have been made, the highest percentage then becomes the expert or recommended tip.

football platform

That is, if the home win has a probability of 51%, a draw 35% and away win 14%, the site’s football prediction will be for the home team to win. This allows punters to bank on the odds with the highest chance of winning.

Footballplatform’s Probability Calculations

Now that you know how the picks are arrived at, you’re probably wondering how the calculation is done. The processes involved in calculating the percentage of each possible outcome is complex and rigorous. Football platform’s calculations are made through data mining and predictive analytics. These stages of the calculative process involve generating team data and form, past meetings, half time and full-time performances, the ratio of setpieces allowed, and each team’s strength.

The process is very complex and is done through random mathematical calculations handled by AI to reduce the length of time required for these calculations. It’s also necessary to use AI and computing mechanisms to increase the accuracy of these calculations. Football platform employs the use of mathematical principles and to arrive at its picks. This is common among top football prediction websites as they help to improve the accuracy of the picks.

Some of the mathematical principles employed by the football platform and other top prediction sites are explained below.

Poisson distribution: this is used to calculate the probability of a particular event occurring more than once or occurring at all. This can be used to calculate the potential number of goals a team will score. Combined with the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, it helps determine what side wins or if the game ends in a draw.

Probability theory: this includes the analysis of head to head meetings, current form, and bookmakers odds to determine what events are more likely to occur to choose the best possible outcome.

How To Use

Football platform is an easily accessible website that displays all the necessary information on the site’s home page. Punters can choose between free predictions or membership packages such as VIP picks and correct score predictions. Once you’ve loaded the webpage, all you need to do is select from the free or member-based packages (depending on your subscription status) and look out for the games you want to bet on.

How Accurate Is

football platform

Football prediction sites are made or marred by their accuracy, and the football platform understands this perfectly. Understandably, no prediction site is 100% accurate 100% of the time. However, due to its rigorous football prediction calculations and data mining processes, football platform gives punters and members a better chance of beating the bookies. Past predictions and picks can be accessed from the site’s home page by clicking on “success archives,” which shows the user all the accurate predictions the website has made over a long period.

In conclusion, the football platform is a good football prediction site that eases the punter’s burden by providing already analyzed match fixtures and the most probable event, which saves time and increases a punter’s chance of winning.

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