Handicap Betting Explained - Easy Guide

| 28.07.2020
Handicap Betting Explained - Easy Guide

In a bid to follow up on our determination to make you a better punter and increase your chances of maximizing profits from sports betting, we bring you everything you need to know about handicap betting. Although shrouded in much confusion, handicap betting is relatively easy to use if you take time out to understand it. Rather than bank on regular odds that are usually low, handicap betting offers you the chance to maximize risks with its bigger odds and variety of options.

This article will tackle the misconceptions surrounding handicap betting and give you tips on how to win big in sports betting while using the handicap betting strategy.

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What Is Handicap Betting?

Many punters avoid using handicap betting because they don’t understand how it works or what it means. This causes them to totally neglect the ingenious and wide array of options provided by this betting strategy. We’ll now consider what the term handicap betting means, as well as its various forms and how they work in sports betting.

Handicap betting occurs in a situation where a punter selects a team to win despite the advantage or headstart given to its opponent. In this situation, the selected team must overcome the imposed handicap for the bet to be successful. This selection may be useful to bettors who are looking to bet on enhanced odds. It’s particularly useful when two favorites are facing one another, or a big team faces a lesser side. For instance, if Man City were to be playing Everton, you can make a selection of Man City (-2). This means you’re betting on Man City to win by more than two goals.

For your bet to win, the remainder from the addition or subtraction of the figure in the handicap must be positive and value of 1 or more. In the above instance, the bet will be successful if Man City win 3-0, 4-0 or 5-1. However, the bet loses if the match ends in a draw or Man City wins 2-0, 3-1, or 4-1. What effectively happens is that the goal handicap subtracted from City’s total goals will be added to Everton. Thus, handicap betting increases the odds by giving the less favored team a headstart and tipping the match in favor of the underdog.

Handicap betting may be used across different sports like tennis, rugby football, and basketball. The most popular form of handicap betting involves giving the underdog a headstart or handing the favorite team to win a handicap. This betting strategy is more readily used and applied in football betting. It increases the low odds, usually accorded to more prominent teams in matches against considerably smaller opponents.

Types Of Handicap Betting.

There are different types of handicap betting, depending on the sport and bookmaker involved in each case. However, while they may go by different names on different betting sites, the following are three basic times of handicap betting that are available.

Level Handicap: This type of handicap does not give the weaker team a headstart. Neither does it award a handicap to the favorite team. Rather, it operates to give either team a chance of beating each other, eliminating a draw option. Thus, there can be only two results in a level handicap; it’s either Team A wins while Team B loses or Team B wins while Team A loses.

Single Handicap: This is the most popular and most used type of handicap betting. It involves giving the weaker team a headstart, be it in terms of goals, corners, or fouls. It may also be used to give the stronger team a handicap that they must overcome for the bet to win. For instance, a Barcelona v Eibar game will feature very low odds for Barca to win the match (seeing as they are the favourites), to increase the odds for a Barca win, a punter may give a (-2) goal handicap to Barca and pick them to win. Alternatively, he may give a goal headstart of (+1) or (+2) to Eibar and pick them to win the match. In either case, the handicap is subtracted or added to the final score and must be overcome for the bet to win.

Double Handicap: The double handicap strategy is employed by placing two bets on the same game. The results of these bets are determined by the outcome of the game or event and double the winnings while lowering the stake amount. An example of a double handicap can be found below.

Barca(0)/(-2) v Eibar(0)/(+2)

Here, two bets are being placed, one with a single handicap and another without a handicap. If Barca wins by a 1-0 scoreline and you bet on Eibar, you’ll win 50% of the bet due to the (+2) handicap. The other 50% of the bet is then lost.

Handicap betting may be applied in different areas of football betting. Other than applying handicaps to goals (which is the most common), you may also apply this strategy to cards collected, fouls made, corner kicks and throw-ins. It should be noted that the handicap only applies to the selection made by a punter as opposed to the individual teams themselves. Also, different handicap selections are offered by various bookmakers, making it advisable to own accounts with multiple betting sites.

Due to the tricky nature of handicap betting, it’s always best to conduct proper research and analysis before placing a handicap bet. Statistics help you arrive at logical and highly probable predictions, thus increasing your chances of winning a bet. Betting requires full knowledge of the markets and odds else you stand higher chances of losing your stake amount. To avoid this, you should subscribe and make use of reliable football prediction sites and study their analysis before picking bets. Our football prediction sites make use of the latest and accurate mathematical calculations and algorithms, designed to help you arrive at the best picks available on each game.

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