How To Win Football Jackpot In Kenya

| 02.01.2021
How To Win Football Jackpot In Kenya

All About Jackpot Betting: How To Win Football Jackpot In Kenya

Winning a jackpot could change your life completely. But it is not always easy. Even predicting the outcome of one game can be difficult, leaving the results of several games alone. In most cases, jackpots have a least 13 matches to predict to win.

Even though it can be tough to get all thirteen or more matches correctly, predicting about ten games could give you some thousands of shillings in bonuses.

 Happy Kenyan girl won football jackpot

Even bookmarkers are out to make some money, and therefore, when going for a jackpot betting, it is normal that the games selected for the jackpot will be the most unpredictable you can find. In most cases, the matches for the jackpot have odds of between 2 and 3, making it challenging to select the better team.

The probability of winning the jackpot is very low. Looking at those who have won before, here are some tips you can pick to increase your probability of hitting the jackpot.

Fully understand your game.

While in essence, betting is gambling, that does not mean that one should take uncalculated risks. There are many resources that you can use to learn about the games in question. For example, there are many betting prediction sites that you can use to learn about the teams' history to know how they are likely to be fair in the matches. How have they performed in the previous matches? Is there any recent information that could affect the outcome of the matches? All in all, do as much homework as possible to get the necessary knowledge and make informed decisions.

Keep a record of your bets.

The point here builds on the first one. If you have been betting for some time and want to try your luck with the jackpot, you need to keep a record of the previous matches for your bets, including which bookmarkers you have been using and which matches you have won or lost. Doing this will help you know which are the best bookies out there and build your bet analysis skills.
Choose jackpots with better odds.

Yes, jackpot odds could be the hardest to choose. However, understanding the games makes it easier to know which odds to pick. Every outcome is possible, and it is your goal to know how to make the right moves. In most cases, history does not always work in the football prediction, as many factors could influence the outcome of the match. Keeping in mind this fact will help you to be more analytical in your betting. You could start by selecting the bets with the highest odds of winning. Sometimes, it also calls for going against the odds of the bookmaker. Whatever the case, choose your odds with a keen eye of detail.

Trust your instincts

It is easy to second-guess yourself when placing more than one bet. Technically, predictions are not always right; neither do they offer a 100% guarantee success rates. That is why you need to trust your instincts while placing your bets. After all, it is about daring to win. Your intuition gets better, and you experience more things in life. And this also applies to bet.

Play more often

Gambling is not for the soft-hearted. If you are the type that loses once quits, then betting is not for you. For those who have won jackpots, many are the times that they have tried countless times to win. The more you play, the more confident you become, and the more you increase your chances of winning.

So what are the pros of betting on football jackpots:

  1. Jackpots have the highest rewards in the betting world
  2. The wager placed is relatively low
  3. You don't have to be a pro to bet on jackpots
  4. They are open to all punters

However, Jackpots can be extremely hard to get it right. The probability of winning is very low

There are many scammers around, and the amount stated for the jackpot is not always the one you take home.

Prediction sites are incredible in providing tips for punters to increase their odds of winning. Here are some prediction sites that you can look out in jackpot predictions.


1XBet offers a daily free jackpot called TOTO. Here, there are 12 matches that you need to predict each match's outcome to win correctly. Although the bet is free, you need to place a bet on any other match to qualify. The minimum stake you can place is KSH 156 for matches with 1.3 odds or higher. Here is what you should look out for:

  • 100 bonus points are awarded for eight correctly predicted outcomes
  • 250 bonus points are awarded for nine correctly predicted outcomes
  • 1,000 bonus points are awarded for ten correctly predicted outcomes
  • 5,000 bonus points are awarded for 11 correctly predicted outcomes
  • 10,000 bonus points are awarded for 12 correctly predicted outcomes


Melbet jackpot TOTO screenshot

Melbet jackpot betting is similar to the 1XBet. However, there are 15 matches that you have to predict and win for the jackpot.


betway Kenya jackpot screenshot

Betway offers multiple offers on jackpot betting. You can either pick 6, 13, or 15 correct scores results to win. The 13 picks are by far the most popular among Kenyan punters and offer the bettors a chance to win millions of shillings.


22Bet Jackpot example screenshot

22Bet Jackpot Toto football prediction provides up to 14 matches for betting. As well, this is a high reward jackpot that attracts many bettors. The prediction site offers high odds for the matches, making it easier for punters to decide.

The prediction sites are your friend if you are looking to make the best analysis before placing them. Most of the sites provide free tips and analysis that you can use in your prediction. Check out some of these sites to make the next big moves in your betting and hopefully land on that mega jackpot and turn your dreams into reality. Good luck with your next betting. You have all it takes.

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