Fixed Matches VS Football Predictions - What’s The Difference?

| 15.07.2020
 Fixed Matches VS Football Predictions - What’s The Difference?

While every punter or sports lover must have heard about the term “fixed matches”, there seems to be a lot of confusion about it’s relation to football predictions and what differences there are between them. This article takes you through both betting terminologies and points out the difference between them to give you a better understanding of sports betting and increase your chances of winning bets.

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What Are Fixed Matches?

Football Fixed Games Fake

You may have had offers from close friends or online betting forums on quick ways to make lots of money by staking on fixed matches. Such offers are usually based on games from little known leagues. They feature very high odds, sometimes having a hundredfold or more potential returns. Owing to the eagerness of many sports bettors to win big, fixed matches often attract a lot of punters. Now, what exactly is a fixed match? A fixed match refers to a sporting event whose outcome, such as the final score, has been pre-determined and agreed upon. A fixed match is one where opponents have already agreed that a particular score or resulting outcome should be attained. These sort of arrangements are of course frowned upon by sports organizations and is prohibited in football by local FAs and FIFA. This is because they are against sporting ethics and rules of the game.

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What Are Football Predictions?

Football predictions are carefully calculated mathematical predictions based on available team data. Such data may include player injuries and suspensions, previous meetings (H2H), points, and goals recorded per game. Football predictions are not based on speculation or guesswork. Rather they are very deliberate and require strategic planning and attention to detail to correctly arrive at probable outcomes.

They require the use of mathematical probabilities to eliminate less probable events or outcomes, leaving only the likelihood of outcomes. For instance, if Team A and Team B have an upcoming fixture this weekend, arriving at a football prediction will require looking at the previous meetings between both sides, the goalscoring and conceding prowess of both sides, as well as the strength and weakness of both teams from set-pieces and other situations. Football predictions are thus highly reliable as lots of effort and huge data sets are involved in the calculation process to improve the chances of winning as much as possible. Most successful punters underline the importance of football prediction sites when picking their bets.

Differences Between Fixed Matches And Football Predictions.

Do not bet blindly girl with binoculars dollar

Legality: the first and major difference between fixed matches and football predictions lies upon the bedrock of legitimacy. Match-fixing is outrightly outlawed and forbidden by football’s chief governing body (FIFA) as well as national football federations of all countries. Similarly, match-fixing is frowned upon in other sports outside football and may attract fines, suspensions, or even imprisonments depending on the gravity of the offense. Football predictions, on the other hand, are legal and don’t attract any fines or suspensions. This is because football predictions are honest attempts and calculations with the motive of making money based on publicly available data.

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Fixed matches and resultant offers are usually based on speculation. This is because of its illegality. When match-fixing does actually happen, the word hardly gets out to prevent the parties from being discovered and apprehended. However, football predictions are arrived at by using publicly available data in deliberate mathematical calculations.

Reliability: Due to their highly speculative nature, fixed matches are very unreliable and untrustworthy. Football predictions are calculated using real data that’s publicly available, which guarantees their reliability. It’s better to pick your bets based on the predictions made by reliable betting sites like Nigeria Predictions to guarantee profits.
Most fixed match offers require you to make non-refundable payments to grant you access to the games, whereas football predictions are freely provided and come at no cost to the punter.

Are Fixed Matches Really Fake?

Fixed football games beware scam

You may be wondering if fixed matches are real, and if not, why they are so popular on the internet. The answer to this question lies on two sides of a coin. One, football games actually get fixed in reality. However, this practice is greatly frowned at and attracts severe punishments, including being banned from football. In 2013, Nigeria placed a ten-year ban on four football teams for match-fixing in addition to banning the officials who oversaw the games for life. Similarly, Kenya’s George Owino was indicted in a match-fixing arrangement following a FIFA investigation.

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Nevertheless, it should be noted that most of the offers you see online asking you to subscribe to fixed matches are initiated by fraudsters who don’t play the games they give you themselves. Rather, they engage in scamming you and lots of other unsuspecting and profit-minded punters of their hard-earned money. These online scammers are aware that many punters are too impatient to review and carefully select football bets by themselves. Thus, they create websites and social media pages offering “100% sure fixed matches” or touting correct score packages at exorbitant rates to rid Kenyans of their money.

You Don’t Need To Buy Fixed Matches To Win Bets.

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Understandably, picking bets may be tiring and time-consuming. However, you don’t have to lose your money to these online scammers in the name of buying fixed matches. Purchasing or subscribing to fixed matches may cause you double jeopardy as you lose the money you paid to get the fixed matches, as well as the huge stake you probably made to offset the cost of the games and win big for yourself.

Rather than give in to phishing scams online by paying for fixed matches, you should use credible football prediction sites if you’re particular about making maximum profits. These prediction sites help you calculate probable events using mathematical research methods that increase your chances of winning. You can find reliable football tips like correct score, bet of the day, and both teams to score on our football prediction site.

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