Craziest Sports Betting Wins Of All Time In Kenya

| 13.07.2020
Craziest Sports Betting Wins Of All Time In Kenya

The greatest thrill and excitement sports betting offers is its ability to take your betting wallet from zero to hundred within the twinkle of an eye (more like within few games, but you get the drift). However, surmounting odds that are primarily stacked in the bookmakers’ favor is not easy. Neither is it insurmountable. While the unpredictability of sporting outcomes leads many punters to stake on smaller and low-risk odds, there are some others who like to take on the challenge that bigger odds pose.

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For the latter group, it’s not just the odds that allure them but also the potential to win big off low stakes. Thus, it’s not uncommon to find them touring football prediction sites and rummaging between betting tips to get an advantage over the average punter. As time-consuming as this tactic is, it mostly results in near misses like having a single game ruin your 24 event ticket or losing out by the smallest of margins. Still, sports betting enjoys continued patronage as it offers everyone an equal opportunity to win big.

In light of this, we bring you the craziest sports betting wins of all time in Kenya. Fasten your seat belts, as this ride will leave your mouth agape and presumably, breathless.

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Samuel Abisai - $2million.

Samuel Abisai - $2million

Yes, you read that correctly. 28-year-old Samuel won a whooping $2million on SportPesa, recording one of the biggest ever sports betting sums in Kenya. In 2017, Samuel correctly predicted 17 different footballing events on SportsPesa with a combined stake of $4. During an interview with BBC after the huge win, Samuel stated that he would quit sports betting and donate some of his winnings to the community and the local football team. He also mentioned quitting his job and going into real estate. I mean, who keeps an average job after willing millions of U.S dollars, right?

Timothy M’Kuciana - Ksh10 Million.

Timothy M’Kuciana - Ksh10 Million

Speak of luck, and Timothy’s name definitely pops up. Just a few days into 2020, Timothy staked Ksh 83 on a live 8-leg Multi Bet on Betway to win ten million Kenyan shillings. After the jawdropping feat, he said;

“I am very excited after winning. I would never have imagined that this would have been my luck, but I am happy all the same. It’s a great start to the New Year. I will decide on how best to use this money but am keen on putting it into activities that will improve my life as well as that of my family,’’.

Live or Inplay events carry bigger odds as they are ongoing, meaning the odds are constantly rising, giving punters an opportunity to stake on different juicy outcomes.

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Joseph Karenju

Joseph Karenju

Another man who found love from Lady Luck, Joseph Karenju staked Ksh10 on a 13 events multi bet thrice, totaling a Ksh30 stake. As fate would have it, he won Ksh425,041.09 on each bet to give him a total of Ksh1.4million.

Rogers Ochieng

Rogers Ochieng

Winning big returns off sports betting takes different approaches depending on a punter’s patience and determination. For Rodgers, his first win of Ksh560,667 on a Ksh250 stake was short of his target, and two days later, he won Ksh453,800 on a 22 game multi bet with a Ksh20,000 stake. When asked how he intends to spend his newly acquired fortunes, he said he’ll like to buy a land and build a house for his mother. He also has plans to further his tertiary education from his winnings.

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Daniel Warui

Daniel Warui

They say you have to spend money to make money, and that was exactly the case with Daniel Warui, who made a stake of over Ksh10,000 to win Ksh999,233 off a risky multi bet. To attain incredible sports betting wins, you either go hard or go home. Daniel went hard and made his cash. Kudos!

Ezekiel Oimbo - Ksh 22million

Ezekiel Oimbo - Ksh 22million

One of the greatest sports betting returns in Kenya is registered to Ezekiel Oimbo, who, in 2019, won SportPesa’s weekly jackpot. As at then a Ferry Services worker and father to four, Ezekiel had been into sports betting for over three years without any significant winnings. Mother Luck was to beam its lights on him, however, as he correctly predicted the outcome of 13 games to take home the weekly jackpot. Married to a primary school teacher, Ezekiel and his wife had their best Christmas gift to date and promised to put the needs of their children first is orchestrating the funds. Speaking during an interview, he said:

"I’ve been winning small amounts, which I also appreciate. It was such a big surprise to me this Christmas as I didn't see it coming. I'm so proud of myself and my dear wife for supporting me through this hard game".

To celebrate his huge winnings, Ezekiel planned to spend Christmas with his family at any location they found interesting.

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Feeling inspired by these great wins above? You don’t have to worry as sports betting offers a fair chance to all. With the right amount of research and strategic planning, you could also become a millionaire off those small stakes. It’s important to consult good sports prediction sites like us for free betting tips daily, bet of the day as well as to find out which bookmaker has the biggest odds.

It’s also essential to register with a trusted bookmaker that can afford to pay your winnings should you make a big break. Always remember that while sports betting is fun and entertaining, you should map out a strategy and focus on markets that are best equipped to help you win. Having the right strategy enables you to avoid incessant losses and gives you the best chance to make profits. While luck definitely plays a massive part in winning big from sports betting, research and strategy take you halfway there. We wish you good luck. Stake responsibly!

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