Why Football Predictions Work Statistically Better For EPL Betting Than Any Other League.

| 01.01.2021
Why Football Predictions Work Statistically Better For EPL Betting Than Any Other League.

Why Football Predictions Work Statistically Better For EPL Betting Than Any Other League.

Football betting has grown in leaps and bounds with the advent of the internet age, and online betting is now hugely popular across the globe. It’s therefore not unusual that the English Premier League (EPL), the most grossing league in the world, records the highest football bets and predictions each season. This is due to the large media coverage of EPL clubs, both on and off the pitch, the players, and lastly, the statistics. The popularity of the EPL is unrivalled even in faraway countries and localities with little or no access to cable TVs. Growing up as a kid, EPL match commentaries were run on radio and had cult followership compared to the other less watched leagues.

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The media focus and attention on the EPL have resulted in huge TV right payments to Premier League clubs with Stoke City, who got relegated in the 2018/19 season racking in over £80million as revenue from TV rights. This has also led to huge sponsorship deals as teams now spot different company names and brands on their jerseys, leveraging on their media exposure to negotiate deals worth hundreds of millions of British pounds and rake in unrivaled revenue. This inpour of media attention and resultant income has made the EPL more competitive and undoubtedly the most followed football league around the world.

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Media focus has not only brought about more income for EPL teams, but it has also increased and facilitated data-keeping and recording. Records of past wins, top goalscorers, the ratio of goals scored and conceded are now readily accessible with a few clicks. Expected points, points per game, and likeliest player to score or be yellow-carded are some of the statistics that the media coverage EPL enjoys brings to the table. Football Statistics based companies like OptaJoe now have millions of social media followers who eagerly anticipate the previously unknown statistics that each post brings them. Football teams have also started recruiting sports data analysts to help them break down their performances and show the drawbacks in their game plan.

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How Do Statistics Help In Football Prediction?

You may be wondering how keeping records of team performances against each other can help punters when making football predictions or if the statistics are helpful. The answer to this is yes. While no one can view the future, not even Octopus Paul could, mathematical calculations based on previous performances or past matches could help a punter in picking the likeliest football betting outcomes.

For instance, if Arsenal is facing West Ham at the Emirates stadium, statistics show that Arsenal’s best performances come during home games and that they also record a high number of corner kicks in those matches. A punter may use this knowledge of stats to place a bet on corner overs or an Arsenal home win. Similarly, if stats show that past meetings between two EPL sides have always resulted in low scoring outcomes such as goalless or one-all draws, likely, the instant game would also be a draw or a low-scoring event.

The process of arriving at an accurate football prediction is made easier by paying attention to the statistics between the teams facing each other, and a smart punter knows to use statistics to their advantage. Thus, the importance of statistics in football betting is thus not to be undermined. Some of the important statistics used in garnering football predictions by our analysts include team and player form, goals scored and conceded per game, points won or lost per game, card tallies, fouls for and against, and corner kicks recorded per match.

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While these stats may look ordinary to a random soccer fan, they help in the meticulous process of calculating and eliminating football betting predictions based on probabilities. The best punters in the game will tell you that being a highly competitive league, you can’t always place bets on the big sides to win, simply because they are the big sides. Seemingly perceived weaker teams are sometimes a top side’s boogie team, and failure to pay attention to this important stat could have a huge effect on your betting outcomes.

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Beating the bookmakers is every punter’s joy, but to achieve this sweet victory consistently, punters must arm themselves with sufficient knowledge and expert opinions on EPL. Past meetings, head to head records and goalscoring forms should constantly feature in your betting analysis. Whether you're banking on a particular team to win or betting on the correct score of a match, you’ll find that previous performances, injuries, and suspensions are germane to executing your betting strategies successfully.

Due to the EPL’s mass media following, statistics on every possible record are available, you can find out what teams constantly win at particular grounds, which stadiums are the most difficult to visit, head to head winning ratios, a team’s winning or losing streak as well as player forms and selection eligibility.

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All of these stats are available in some other leagues as well, but none comes close to the EPL concerning the vastness of stat-keeping and its accuracy. Footballing evils like match-fixing and bribery are also easily exposed by the ever-vigilant British media, making the recorded stats reliable and worthy. When compared with other leagues in Europe and across continents, no fact keeping and checking shows like the premier league show or updates exist.

Our football prediction algorithms are based on highly advanced mathematical postulations based on a comparison of available stats and data to improve your betting outcomes and help you to beat the bookmakers. The competitive nature of the EPL makes certain that available stats are not foolproof as upsets occur in football, however, performing research and betting off statistic induced knowledge makes your EPL football betting and prediction forays a worthwhile venture. Media coverage and the availability and reliability of well-defined EPL stats underline their success in making accurate football predictions.

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