Zulubet Predictions: Best Review of

Zulubet, Football Prediction Sites

| 05.07.2020
Zulubet Predictions: Best Review of

Let’s be honest; there are many betting prediction sites these days. For punters looking to increase their probability of winning, and don’t have the budget to invest in a premium package prediction sites, Zulubet predictions are definitely for you. But, to be very clear, you need to know what you are looking for in advance. Being conversant with how prediction analysis works.

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A little about Zulubet

Possibly gaining popularity in the football prediction space, Zulubet provides 100 % free services. One thing that is unique about the bookmarker is that it allows for predictions for daily soccer matches. However, you can find the history for a few days long games.

The site is simple, clear, and productive. The structure of the website is quite simple. Once you land on the start page, you see a list of all the calculated football predictions for today. However, for new users, this might be confusing as one expects to see much more from the website. 

 While many sports betting sites have a dense load on information, with Zulubet, all the tips for the day and the calculated probability of winning are all in a clear overview. See below.

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Zulubet Homepage Screenshot

Highlighted in green color are statistics based soccer bets with the highest winning chances. The clearer the green, the higher the chance of winning.

Football matches

The site gives an analysis of the day’s football matches. They cover some of the famous leagues, including the English Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga. Every day, there is a table with the safest football predictions. Unfortunately, currently, there are no calculations on Zulubet for other sports like basketball, American Football, Tennis, or other major sports.

How Zulubet works

Like many other prediction analyses, Zulubet uses a mathematical algorithm to calculate the winning chances for different outcomes. However, this information on arriving at predictions is not transparent to the visitors of the website. Zulubet predictions calculate the possible results and also provide tips on the odds and other match analysis. Visitors don’t have to pay any membership fee to access this information.

Making Predictions

Outcome predictions

Match outcomes have three options, i.e., Home Win, Draw, or Away Win. On the website, you will see this abbreviated as 1 x 2, which stands for Home Win, Draw, and Away Win. Zulubet Predictions indicates the percentages of each of the outcomes. The side with a higher rate is likely to win the match.

To understand this better, let’s analyze this caption below from the website.

Zulubet Screenshot Prediction

In this caption, Deportivo Saprissa vs. Liga Deportiva Alajuelense match has a possible Home Win percentage of 30%, a Draw percentage of 51%, and Away Win percentage of 19%. We can see that a Draw or Home Win are more probable chances. Under tips, this is well indicated by 1X, meaning either a Home Win or Draw, are where you should consider placing your bet. However, next to tips, it is not clear what letter 6 represents.

If you are interested in double chance bets, ZuluPredictions also provide you insights to place your bets. In double chance, you can cover two outcomes for much lower odds. You can stake in the home team to win or draw (1 & X), the away team to win or draw, (X & 2), or either of the two teams to win. In the above example, away Win has a 19% chance of happening while the home team has 30%. Hence, the match is likely to end up with a home win or draw.

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Using the Betting Odds to Calculate Winnings

Betting odds allow you to calculate how much money you will win if you make a bet. It also reflects the likelihood of any particular outcome happening. Zulubet uses decimal odds, like most other bookmakers. The unique thing about the odds by Zulubet Predictions is that they give you the current odds and indicate whether the odds have increased or decreased. Besides, you can also view comprehensive statistics by clicking on the respective matches.

Zulubet Screenhot Prediction Details

What others are saying about the site

When betting, the final verdict lies with you. The statistics are there to help you in making the right decision. Before making your bets, compare the values calculated by Zulubet with the current bookmaker odds before placing your odds. A review by this user below puts it more clearly. The independent analysis is essential. In most cases, betting predictions are associated with bookmakers, hence they not trustworthy. The independent voice of the bookmaker makes it easy for punters to make unbiased decisions confidently. 

Zulubet Opinion

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Final Take on Zulubet 


  • The site is free for all punters
  • The site is easy to follow
  • It is easy to see the best football predictions right away as highlighted in green color
  • There is generally a good winning rate – though winning depends on the gamer
  • There is a lot of statistics on matches, making it easy for new players to understand all about betting
  • 22 languages translations of the website
  • Tips for free for punters

On the other hand, there are some cons:

  • Goals Stats appear when you set the website in English
  • The focus is solely on football, limiting punters who are engaging in other games
  • There is also no explanation on the algorithm that the bookmarker uses
  • And there are too few reviews about the bookmaker available.
  • Finally, there is not much available on their social media handles.

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As a bonus, for reading this review to the end, another site that is worth the mention is Kenya Predictions. The site also provides a comprehensive prediction for punters. Importantly, the site uses a robust algorithm yielding over 85% prediction success rates. Unlike ZuluBet, with Kenya Predictions, you can see stats for matches happening not just today but also in the coming days. Besides, the bookmaker provides extensive entertainment and fun for punters in live games, casinos, or sports betting.

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